Friday, June 15, 2012

Having Fun Again

A few weeks ago, I woke up with the first line of a story in my brain.  It featured two characters - Big Rosco and Taco Charlie.  I fell instantly in love with these names and these guys.  They tickled me and delighted me.  I wrote down the line and then ran with it, and I had a blast.  The story is still developing, but it is just so much fun!  I tend towards the darker stuff, and I've often thought I needed to inject more humor into my work.  It seems Big Rosco and Taco Charlie have shown up for just that purpose.  They came along right when I needed them, as I slogged through the end of the school year.  Now that summer has arrived for me, I can't wait to shake my nasty cold and dive in head first to Rosco and Charlie's wacky world and see where it takes me.

Have you ever had a character or story or line of inspiration show up in just the right way at just the right time to take you to a new place?

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  1. A story line, absolutely. Most of my plays had the premise as a flash. I often find it's after I hear/read something intriguing but can't figure out how to make a story of it.
    Then, I'll be reading/listening to something unrelated and 'Boom' a connection.
    For me, hear/read is important. I never seem to get the flash from TV, for example.


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