Monday, December 27, 2021

Rhyming in the Face of the Apocalypse: Part 2

My daily poetry routine found its way to an organic conclusion some time over the summer. I've been revising since then, and staying connected to a larger community of poets through a series of Gateless Writing Workshops with the wonderful Rebecca Smolen. Those workshops have resulted in a published anthology called Opening the Gate. Here's the link on Amazon. I'm proud to have two poems in that anthology, which ranges across a wide swath of styles and topics, and speaks deeply tp the human condition.

Meanwhile, my own poems have become my comfort in recent months. My husband had a major health crisis that turned my world upside-down, and left my writing self sequestered in a corner while I shifted into survival mode. As things calmed down a bit in late October, I opened my notebooks of poetry from last year and found words of strength and solace, the poet-me of one year ago sending balm into the future to be found by the struggling-me of today.

The power of poetry.

So, I continue revising those daily poems, trusting they will find their homes eventually, sharing them periodically, and drinking from their well to keep me going. Writing, and books, are two of the great gifts of humankind, and two of my great joys in the face of the ongoing, slow grinding apocalypse. Who are the authors you've found resonating for you in this time? What forms of writing have kept you going?

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