Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Acknowledging Summer

It dawned on me today that I've gotten way out of my weekly blog posting routine, which is weird because I'm on summer vacation, a time when I have time, so keeping up with my blogs should be no problem, right?  Wrong!  Turns out this summer, I am off any routine or schedule, and my activities are largely driven by weather and whims.  Oh, and I've been working on revisions on a YA novel, which is where my writing time is going. I feel as if I've been thinking a lot about writing, and doing lots of writing and reading, and yet I've had very little going on in the blogosphere.  Perhaps my mind is simply too immersed in fiction at the moment.  So, consider this a short, sweet post, simply to say that blogger Cindy has not disappeared.  Profound and interesting insights into the writing craft (or at least what I hope fits that description) will eventually return, I am sure.  Just not today.

And the picture?  That'd be the current issue of The Saturday Evening Post, with my short story in it!

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