Thursday, March 15, 2012

Branching Out - Blogging Another Way

I recently came upon several thought-provoking posts about the whole concept of the digital platform as applied to fiction writers, with a specific focus on the notion of blogging as a means of building a reader base ("A Follow's Not a Book Sale" and "Author Blogging: You're Doing It Wrong").  It caused me to revisit something I'd been thinking about already - writing a new blog.  Not in place of this one but in addition to it.  A blog not for fellow writers but for potential readers.  A blog about the themes that interest me and that simmer at the heart of so much of my writing.

The fear:  How to focus that blog without limiting myself?  How do I identify those themes and prevent the blog from being wishywashy or lost in a sea of other blogs?  I suppose I will have to experiment.

So, what are my themes?  Well, spirituality for one.  Complex notions of God and religion.  People's relationships to God and religion.  Grief, loss, parenthood.  How society treats children.  God and Other Big Stuff.  And that's the name of my new blog.

As of now, it's an experiment.  We'll see if it lasts and where it goes.

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