Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Self is a Narrative

"The self is a narrative, not a fixed identity. There are countless cultural fictions that lie about the self ... For writer's, there's 'Find your own voice.'" - Siri Histvedt in NOVEL VOICES.

Your self, and therefore your voice as a writer, is constantly changing, growing and evolving - a work in progress. In a way, this is true of humanity, too. Our identity as the human race, the human story, is constantly being told and retold with different voices, changing and ever-shifting. By telling our stories over again, we actually participate in creating that identity. That is a part of the writer's job, the storyteller's job.


  1. I believe that we as human beings must grow, evolve, and change, if we are to be healthy. I know a number of people who have, to my astonishment and great dismay, not changed one bit over the course of nearly 20 years of acquaintance. They are quite dysfunctional folks, and I've learned for my own mental and emotional well-being to give them a very, very wide berth.

  2. The same must be said of any artist, I imagine. If they are doing exactly the same work as they were 20 years ago, something's not right.


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